Glicini Hotel is a beautiful hotel with swimming pools in Pinerolo.

In the summer you can spend relaxing days in the sun and take a dip in the two pools at the Glicini Hotel.A swimming pool with graduated depth and one reserved for children. In the summer, during the day, a snack bar is open to enjoy delicious sandwiches and fresh drinks.
The pool is also equipped with a lagoon facility for children up to ten years old. The area is equipped for their leisure and entertainment with a specially designed play area.
Everything is always studied in the safety of children and other hotel guests who seek relaxation and tranquility.
The new fitness and wellness center boasts the presence of two pools dedicated to water-fitness activities, free swimming, swimming lessons and activities for psycho-physical well-being (swimming during pregnancy, neonatal aquatism and hydrokinesis).
The height of the largest pool varies from 120 to 130 cm and the water is 28 degrees; 70 are the centimeters of the pool dedicated to children, for a temperature of 32 degrees. It is possible to participate in water-fitness classes (among which also hydro-byke, by reservation) every morning, lunch breaks, early afternoon and evening time. We remind you that the cost of the indoor pools is € 5.00 per person per day and the use of the swimming cap is mandatory. Admission to children is allowed only on Sundays and public holidays (except for swimming lessons).
Another third pool with 20 stations consisting of air and water blades is on the lower floor in the spa area.

Visit, the site of our pools! Every week different evening events, aperitifs, courses and lots of fun!

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