Spa hotel in Turin

Glicini Hotel is a spa hotel near Turin, Pinerolo. The hotel also has a Relax Room, a fantastic area dedicated to water therapy with cardiovascular therapeutic properties to regenerate body and mind, and a well-equipped Fitness Room.


A newly designed spa area with a whirlpool bath, sauna, Finnish bath, aromatherapy, emotional showers to relax after a day of work or spend time in the relaxation area when weather conditions do not allow the use of outdoor pools. Glicini Spa has a reserved rate for those staying at our hotel of € 19.00 + € 5.00 for the welcome kit (slippers + shower towel + samples of shampoo, shower gel and scrub), entry is restricted to adults.


Our guests also have the opportunity to access the adjacent structure of the village where they can use all the gym equipment as well as attend scheduled fitness courses with a daily cost of € 5.00 per person per day.

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